Who We Are

We develop and architect the world's leading problem solving tools and methodologies for many of the Fortune 500 companies around the world.  Our solutions are used in almost every sector including Manufacturing, Oil & Gas, Mining, Power Generation and Transmission, Air & Space, Healthcare, Pharmaceutical, Education, Government, Law, Technology, Transportation and Financial Services.

About the Method

The ARCA™ methodology was developed out of the 1979 Three Mile Island Nuclear Power Plant partial meltdown. As part of an industry team to identify the causes of that event, Dean L. Gano came to understand that conventional RCA methods were not clearly defining the causal relationships and thus not preventing recurrence. After many years of study and development, the principle-based Apollo Root Cause Analysis™ methodology was created in 1993. The process has been improved with the creation of RealityCharting® software to help define a common reality that everyone can buy into.

Our commitment to making our clients successsful by providing the best problem-solving tools and techniques on the planet is a driving factor.  We provide regular enhancements and improvements, delivering world class products, services, solutions, and support. 

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