Barrier Analysis

This incident analysis identifies barriers used to protect a target from harm and analyzes the event to see if the barriers held, failed, or were compromised in some way by tracing the path to the threat from the harmful action to the target.

A simple example is a knife in a sheath. The knife is the threat, the sheath is the barrier, and the target is a human. If the sheath somehow fails and a human is injured, the barrier analysis would seek to find out why the barrier failed. The cause of this failure is then identified as the root cause.

Barrier analysis can provide an excellent tool for determining where to start your root cause analysis, but it is not a method for finding effective solutions because it does not identify why a barrier failed or was missing. This is beyond the scope of the barrier analysis. To determine root causes, the findings of the barrier analysis must be fed into a principle based method to discover why the barrier failed.