Benefits of Apollo Root Cause Analysis™ & RealityCharting®

1. Effective Solutions to Everyday Problems Every Time

Using the built-in Wizard, RealityCharting® guides you thru a principle-based process that identifies all the known causal relationships so that you can see which causes to take control of to prevent recurrence.

2. Simple to Use

The Realitycharting process is a simple seven-step process that anyone can easily follow. The RealityCharting® software is simple and intuitive to use with helpful videos of every feature.

3. On-Demand Training & Support

The RealityCharting Learning Center™ includes the self-paced RC Coach™ online training. RC Coach is self paced and will do a great job of making you comfortable using the software in your next analysis.

RealityCharting Learning Center provides several exercises for you to practice what you have learned

4. Principle-Based

The RealityCharting® process prevents storytelling and categorization by following the fundamental principles of causation and creating an evidenced-based common reality of cause-and-effect relationships.

5. Provides Effective Communications

RealityCharting® facilitates a visual dialog between stakeholders such that the causal relationships are clearly understood and documented for all to see - something categorization and story telling simply cannot do.

6. Versatile

RealityCharting® can be used on any event-type problem, large or small, simple or complex. Use RC Simplified™, a free application, on simple problems and if a more detailed analysis is required, the initial chart can be imported to the more powerful RealityCharting® for further analysis.

7. Easy to Learn

RealityCharting® comes complete with the RealityCharting Learning Center™, a free and comprehensive online learning center that includes RC Coach™.  Learn the basic skills for effective problem solving through the discovery-based interactive training portal.

8. Creates an Effective Problem-Solving Culture

RealityCharting® is at the core of finding effective solutions to your problems. This powerful solution includes comprehensive tools and training to support, easily creating an entire culture of effective problem solvers!

9. Provides a Platform for Creative Solutions

By expressing the common reality of all stakeholders, a visual dialog is created whereby it is easy to examine the effects of many proposed solutions.

10. Everyone Feels Good About the Analysis

RealityCharting® provides a unique perspective, driving confidence and validating the solutions discussed and proposed.  The application provides a unique graphical representation, providing causal connections between the solution and the primary effect.