RealityCharting® Software

RealityCharting® is a user friendly software solution created to help people better understand their problems and identify effective solutions that prevent recurrence.

Process Chart

The software allows users to apply the Apollo Root Cause Analysis™ method and take confidence knowing built-in facilitation tools and integrity checks exist to support their efforts.

Whether you are a professional incident investigator or one of many team members, RealityCharting® will help you understand your problem better than you have ever been able to understand it before.

RealityCharting® delivers an effective problem-solving tool into the hands of every user. To explore the full range of what it can do to meet your needs visit the Features page or watch a short video to see the basics.

RealityCharting® provides unique benefits to the individual user and a group's facilitator. Users realize immediate results with a better understanding of the cause and effect relationships and the corresponding improvement in the effectiveness of chosen solutions.