Cause and Effect Principles

# Nothing happens without a cause!

Highly effective problem solvers understand that there is no such thing as magic; there is only "cause and effect" and the unknown.

Cause-and-effect relationships govern everything that happens and are the path to effective problem solving. By understanding the causes, we can find the ones within our control and then change or modify them to meet our goals and objectives.

For at least 4,500 years, humankind has used the notion of causation to express human events. Unfortunately, we have failed to differentiate the immense power of the cause-and-effect principles from the simple linear notion of causation, where "A" caused "B" and "B" caused "C", etc.

To learn more regarding the four cause-and-effect principles click on the links below:

  1. Cause and effect are the same thing.
  2. Each effect has at least two causes in the form of actions and conditions.
  3. Causes and effects are part of an infinite continuum of causes.
  4. An effect exists only if its causes exist in the same space and time frame.