RealityCharting® - Seven Steps to Effective Problem Solving And Strategies For Personnel Success

Copyright 2011 By Dean L. GanoRealityCharting Book Cover

Asking why things happen is an essential part of being human. When we ask why something happened, we are looking for causes to help us understand reality. But what is reality? How can we know it? What is its structure and is there a single reality that we can all see?

As you will learn in this book and the online exercises that are included, there is no single reality. However, all is not lost. You will learn how to create a common reality by defining evidence-based causal relationships derived from the individual realities of each stakeholder.

The purpose of this book is to help you better understand the notion of reality and provide the basis for teaching everyone how to think causally using a simple process and some very helpful software.

RealityCharting® is a new way of thinking that goes far beyond the traditional root cause analysis processes. In it, you will not only discover a simple process that defines the structure of causation, you will find links to online interactive exercises that help you better understand the process. The book comes in a paperback version if you still like to hold a book in your hand, but the pdf eBook has hyperlinks that take you on a journey of learning by discovery. It has over 30 interactive links that teach by discovery, so be prepared for many aha’s.

You will learn how the RealityCharting process and software easily facilitates creating a common reality from the input of all stakeholders and thus minimizes the normal conflict and power politics found in conventional root cause analysis processes. In the end, a common evidenced-based understanding of the causal relationships emerges allowing all stakeholders to easily buy into the corrective actions. It will forever change the way you look at the world. And, as a NASA scientist once said about the process: “I like the way you expanded my mind with a simple structured process, rather trying to change it.”

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