File Types

.ARCA Files

The Standalone software releases from V4 onward save files as .arca file type.

V4.1, V5, V6.x Users Who Have Not Upgraded

Version 7.x users can select Save As in the File menu to open the Save As window with options to save the file for use in either V6.5 or V4.1/5.0.

Saving a file for use in Versions 4.1, 5, 6.x will allow users who have not upgraded to open files created in the current release. However, saving the file as an older version results in the loss of new features.

Encrypted Files

The Standalone software allows users to save encrypted files. Saving a file with 128-Bit encrypted password protection will require entry of the same password to open that file at a later time.

Please store file passwords in a safe place as the data will be unrecoverable if the password is lost.

Packaged Files

The Standalone software allows you to package and save the Realitychart with files linked through the References window into a single package (.parca) file type. This feature allows you to easily compile files in a single place and share important documents with others who wouldn’t otherwise have direct access.

PARCA Naming Convention

Packaged files are saved with a default name following a standard convention that uses the contents of the Problem Definition's What field followed by an underscore and the word "packaged”.

Sharing PARCA File Folders

Share the packaged files with anyone who has RealityCharting by simply attaching it in an email to all interested parties.

Please note, the individual files are not compressed and the resulting package size will equal the sum of all included files.

Opening PARCA Files

You will not be able to open the packaged file (.parca type) from within RealityCharting and will need to double-click or otherwise open it to expose the Realitychart (.arca type) and a separate folder, with the same filename and the added extension “_packaged_files”, containing the linked references.

The .parca file type no longer exists once it’s been opened as it has been “unzipped” to show itself as the .arca file and the packaged files folder.

.RCA Files

The Standalone software releases from V3 prior save files as .rca file type. The .rca files can be opened in versions 3, 4, 5 and 6. Once opened in a newer release they will need to be converted to .arca files. There's no loss in the conversion and the .rca files are not replaced and rather saved anew as a .arca file type.