Selecting Export in the File menu opens the Export Options window with the Report Outputs tab displayed by default.

You will find an Export button in each of the following windows; Outline View, Incident Report, Action Item Report, Possible Solutions Report, Solution Assessment Report, Problem Definition, Team Members, Notes, References, Rules Check, and Dashboard.

Additionally, there is an Export button included in each of the Compact View, Custom View, Optimize View and Causal Elements View windows.

Report Outputs

The Report Outputs tab includes individual selection boxes with respective text to the right.

Clicking in the box to the left of a selection in the Export Options window places a ✓ in an empty box or removes an existing ✓. The presence of the ✓ represents inclusiveness of the selection for exporting.

Clicking the Submit button when one or all of the options have been chosen opens the Export Completed window and places applicable content in the operating system clipboard for pasting into another program.

Realitychart Outputs

The Realitychart Outputs tab includes a Cancel button along with Open Compact View, Open Custom View, Open Causal Elements View and Open Optimize View buttons.

Selecting any of the layout view buttons will open the applicable window where the exporting of the Realitychart may be accomplished.