Option 1:

By easily training most of your employees to think causally, with a little initiative, minor problems are fixed before they cause big problems. And, because RealityCharting® and RC Simplified™ provide effective solutions based on the principles of causation rather than people-centric guessing and voting, you will not have repeat events; whether the problems are simple or complex. The return on investment is such that you cannot afford to NOT implement the Effective Problem Solving Culture plan.

Option 2:

Online learning allows each student to proceed at their own pace and thus not be held back by the slowest learner common to the classroom setting. They also do not get to advance until they know the learning point at hand. If a student can’t complete an exercise properly, they are given another exercise until they learn what they are suppose to know to advance. The average time to complete RC Coach™ is 4 to 8 hours, versus 16 hours in class. Online learning utilizes discovery-based exercises to teach processes and principles. Instead of listening to a talking head lecture them, students learn by doing and discovering. We proved the effectiveness by teaching both styles and then asked students to create a Realitychart. Those who had our online learning produced better charts.

Option 3: Online Training with RC Coach™ and RealityCharting® software

This is the same as Option 2 except it does not include investigator accreditation. This option is commonly used to add students to Option 1.